Branding and design costs vary depending on the client's needs.
Please feel free to ask for more information.

At cordes design, we take time to listen carefully to the client's needs at meetings and provide price quotations by taking into consideration the client's requests and delivery dates. The fee structure and fee samples are shown below.

Production cost structure

  • Direction fees

    The cost that arises prior to starting the actual work, such as interviews, material preparation, concept design and specification development.

  • Design fees

    This includes costs for the rough draft, design, coding, copywriting, and data production for printing.

  • Progress management fees

    The cost for schedule management from the start of a project to its completion.

  • Miscellaneous expenses

    Actual costs related to the project, such as output, domain and server use and travel expenses.

  • Outsourcing fees

    Actual costs such as printing and photographing costs.

  • Transportation fees

    Actual costs related to the project, such as transportation costs.


The flow from inquiry to delivery

  • 1Inquiry
    • Please make any inquiries from the inquiry form.
    • We will send you a simple questionnaire based on your inquiry.
  • 2Meeting
    • We will conduct a face-to-face meeting on a date and time arranged and decided between the client and cordes design. (The meeting can be conducted by phone, e-mail or video chat for clients in distant areas.)
    • Based on the client's questionnaire, we will discuss details such as the aim of the project, identifying the target and production goals.
  • 3Price Quotation
    and Contract
    • We will send you a PDF of a price quotation and contract. Please go through them and, if you agree with the terms of the contract, please sign and return it to us.
  • 4Presentation of Project and Design Ideas
    • First, we will propose an overall plan for the project and basic design ideas. After the client checks them, we will develop a more detailed design.
  • 5Proofreading and
    Making Design Adjustments
    • Based on the proposed designs, we will select a design taste, make design adjustments and proofread text.
  • 6Deciding on a Design
    • We will decide on a design after making necessary changes. (For some projects, we may set a limit to the number of times changes can be made.)
    • Designs for printed materials will go to print. For website designs, a coding process will allow the client to check the content online.
  • 7Testing and Final Check

    ※only Web

    • We ask the client to check online for any errors in content or action before the website is released. We will make changes as necessary.
  • 8Delivery / Release
    • We will deliver printed items to a place specified by the client.We will release websites after deciding on details, such as the date and time of release.


Simple Price Quotation Simulation

  • Media

  • Type / No. of pages


(tax included)
  • ※The above price quotation shows the total of the following: 1) direction fees, 2) design fees and other technical fees, and 3) progress management fees.
  • ※Fees other than the three mentioned above will be charged separately.
  • ※A separate price quotation will be provided for printed materials.
  • ※For website design, A separate price quotation will be provided for such as JavaScript and jQuery.
  • ※For website design, the above price is include for these contents. : Per page / up to 10,000px in height, 1 break point.
  • ※For website design, the following fees will be charged in addition to the simple price quotation: server rental costs, domain management fees and SSL certificate fees.
  • ※The price quotation shows the tax included price.
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