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Design that

the message
and reaches

people's hearts.

In creating designs, we at cordes design strive to understand our clients' message and the stories behind it, discover their charms and challenges, and guide them to a positive direction.We hope that the work we create together with our clients would touch and capture someone's heart, and that that person would become a fan of our work. Our mission is to have as many people as possible feel glad that they encountered our work.



  • Branding

    Concept development /
    CI (corporate identity),
    VI (visual identity) design /
    Logo design / Color schemes / Font selection,
    and more.

    We will bring out the positive aspects of a brand, develop and strengthen brand identity, and establish the right direction for the brand. We will explore ways to deliver a consistent brand image to the target audience. Our goal is turn the audience into fans of your brand.

  • Graphic Design

    Company brochures / Pamphlets /
    Leaflets / Posters /
    Menus / Product labels, and more.

    We will recommend effective designs that match the brand image. We believe that a design is effective when it is treated not merely as a method of visual expression but created in a form and style that the audience can relate to.

  • Website and Digital Content Design

    Website design /
    Smartphone-friendly design /
    Stage slides for exhibitions, and more.

    We develop responsive web design (website design that is compatible with various devices and screen sizes, such as desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.), content design for digital signage (such as screens used in the healthcare industry and digital menu boards at restaurants), and more.

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